Wentworth's Groups

Wentworth helps customers by leading the industry in plastics packaging and advanced packaging mold technologies. We provide many types of packaging molds for any equipment, anywhere in the world. We supply low-cost disposable food and drink packaging products globally.

Wentworth's businesses are organized into 3 groups: plastics packaging, packaging molds and high precision molds. They operate 13 independent mold manufacturing, service facilities and contract plastics processing facilities, located in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Contract Plastics Packaging
The world's No.1
independent contract manufacturer of thermoformed plastic lids for disposable cups and other drink and food packaging products. Wentworth offers contract thermoforming and contract injection molding.

Packaging Molds
The world's No.1
independent manufacturer of PET and extrusion blow molds. Wentworth provides advanced blow mold products and full servicing for any technology and any equipment, anywhere in the world.

The world's No.3
independent manufacturer of PET preform molds. The single source for all types of PET molds, including injection blow molds Aoki and Nissei processes.

High Precision Molds
The world's No.2
independent manufacturer of very high precision molds for medical and technical applications. One of the most technologically advanced and equipped mold manufacturers in Germany, with the highest achievable precision tolerances of less than plus or minus 5 microns.