Customer Success

Wentworth is "service obsessed". Our packaging mold solutions redefine the mold industry's speed, reliability, and quality through enhanced mold performance and technological innovation. We also offer strategic partnership programs, which allow us to further enhance our customers' success.

Our commitment to service provides significant competitive advantages to our customers:

  • Our high performance products drive the best value to our customers and partners.
  • We accelerate the time to market and profits through our proprietary Fast To Market™ program.
  • We guarantee the fastest delivery in the industry.
  • We are true partners with our customers and offer small and large global programs.
  • We offer strategic partnering programs to enhance our customer service.

Customer Testimonials

"When we require blow molds fast and on time, we rely on Wentworth and their Fast to Market team."
V.P. Engineering, Bottle Development
Global Packaging Company

"Our first set of SBO.40 quick change molds from Wentworth were delivered in less than 5 weeks and produced perfect bottles the first time."
Senior Engineer
Large International Molding Company

"Wentworth has supplied and effectively serviced our local bottlers from Canada to Korea, and Argentina to Moscow."
Group Manager Global Procurement
Fortune 500 Beverage Company

"We needed mold interchangeability between our Sidel and Corpoplast machines. Wentworth developed their Combo-mold design which provided us with the right solution."
Director of Engineering
Global Molding Company

"Continuous product improvement is a way of life at Wentworth. In my many years of association with this company they never lose focus and they continue to strive to become the "Best Value" supplier."
Large North American Packaging Company

"Thanks to quality of work, commitment and dedication, which are not just words at Wentworth - but represent what you do and are, we have recognized Wentworth as our key supplier of molds and components. The whole team came through for us and demonstrated a high level of quality and performance, which deserves special recognition."
General Manager
Europe-based Global Packaging Company