Bests and Firsts

Wentworth Tech was built on the base of several companies that pioneered manufacturing of extrusion blow molds, PET blow molds, preform molds, thin wall container molds, industrial stack molds, and other injection molds.

Through acquisitions, Wentworth can trace its products back to the first plastic containers in the 1930s, and the design and manufacture of the earliest extrusion blow molds.

Wentworth is an OEM mold supplier for all major blow mold machine manufacturers. Wentworth manufactures blow molds for all types of equipment and all technologies, for supply anywhere in the world.

Wentworth delivered its largest extrusion blow mold project, consisting of more than 1,000 cavities, to a Fortune 500 company.

Wentworth designed and manufactured over 1500 molds for its largest global beverage project.

Wentworth is the world's most comprehensive supplier of all types of PET molds for two- and one-step processes, including:

  • Preform molds
  • PET blow molds
  • PET extrusion molds
  • PET injection blow molds
  • Aoki type molds
  • Nissei type molds
  • PET special tooling