Global Service and Local Support

Wentworth has its headquarters in Canada and operates facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, enabling us to deliver:

Wentworth has more manufacturing and service centers than any other mold manufacturer. Our customers can be assured that we will be there when and where we are needed.

We service our customers through 8 mold manufacturing and service centers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Poland, and Singapore. We are also a significant contract manufacturer in plastic processing, thermoforming, and injection molding, with facilities in Canada and Poland.

Our global presence enables us to provide molds that perform optimally from initial deployment through day-to-day operation, ensuring your business runs 24/7.

Our commitment is to do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction; this is a guarantee backed by our leadership position in the industry. You will have consistent, comprehensive, high-level warranty and one level of service: the best.

We pride ourselves on our proactive culture and capability, and we work to design processes and procedures specifically to eliminate problems before they occur.

Our remote support system allows you to consult with service engineers that can define the problem and suggest remedies. If a problem requires an on-site visit, a service engineer will travel to your location on short notice.

We ensure that all our servicing works flawlessly the first time, so that you can capitalize on your investment in Wentworth molds.

The mission of Wentworth Global Services is to earn your business for life. All our actions are focused on delivering the best service in the industry to help you attain your most aggressive business goals.

We promote a true customer-centric culture and empower staff to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your service expectations. We encourage our service teams to partner with you, to learn all aspects of your business, enabling them to provide services that will help you to optimize your molding systems.

A number of unsolicited independent parties have recognized Wentworth for its outstanding service. Wentworth has received the Canada's Best 50 Managed Companies Award due principally to its outstanding service. Wentworth received the "No. 1 Call Award" for the best service among all its suppliers from one of the world's largest packaging companies.

Our staff are dedicated to your business success. Wentworth values your trust in our products.